pokemonxsavebugmapBoth Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released recently, and they have respectively racked up a fair amount of sales which is impressive for a portable console title, but that is to be expected considering the juggernaut of a franchise that it is. Unfortunately, the game itself has been “tainted” by a game breaking bug which has actually caused some grief for those who were affected. Apparently, if you were to save the game in specific areas within the main city of Lumiose, the game will freeze, and you would have to begin all over again. There is a silver lining behind this apparent dark cloud as Nintendo is working around the situation for a permanent fix.


Basically, Nintendo responded something along the lines of delivering a fix for this sae bug issue in a few days’ time via the Nintendo eShop, although gamers’ patience will have to be tested between now and then. As a stop gap measure, Nintendo has introduced the map of Lumiose City below that marks the selected areas that players should avoid saving their game. Better be safe than sorry, and just because it has not affected you before, that does not mean the issue is no real at all!

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