sfo-wifiAre you one who loves or loathes airports? The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has a certain charm about it, and this time around, it intends to make life easier and more convenient for the millions of travelers who go through its terminals every single year by completing the comprehensive upgrade of the airport’s free Wi-Fi network. In fact, hooking up to the Internet at SFO is so easy now, all you need to do is accept the terms and conditions (who reads those, anyways?) with a single click, and you are good to go. Not only that, SFO’s Wi-Fi network will deliver ad-free connectivity so that you can get more productive and keep in touch without having any pesky windows pop up to distract you.

Apart from that, the new Wi-Fi network will also boast of faster speeds in comparison to the previous network system, not to mention allowing you a far longer connect session of up to 2 hours instead of its predecessor. You can also move between terminals seamlessly without requiring to reconnect at a different terminal, and just in case you run into issues, there is a support number on the splash page to help you out of a tight spot. There will be further upgrades down the road to deliver additional increases in network capacity as well as the addition of wireless access points throughout the airport.

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