Skype for iPadDo you think that Apple as a company has certainly been less and less innovative, just like how Apple’s very own board reportedly shared their sentiments with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to be more innovative? Well, certainly the evolutionary jump in each of their subsequent hardware releases seem to have slowed down of late, although one of the main “big ticket” upgrades with the fourth generation iPad would be the inclusion of a High Definition front facing camera. For those who have been using Skype on the fourth generation iPad to make video calls all this while, the latest update to the famous VoIP app which will bump the version number up to Skype 4.1 will enable High Definition video calls, now how about that?

Of course, this is but one of the few changes to come with Skype 4.1, which would definitely make paying a visit to the Apple App Store a whole lot of sense. Skype 4.1 will weigh in at 31.1MB in size, so it should not be too long of a wait for you to download it before you get to enjoy high definition video calls in addition to enjoying general improvements when it comes to call quality and stability.

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