tim-cook-oled-displays-awfulWhile Apple’s iPhone and iPad products are no doubt still pretty hot items, it is fair to say that there are some out there who might be getting bored and feel that Apple is no longer “innovating”, and compare Tim Cook’s leadership to that of the late Steve Jobs. To that extent it seems that according to Fox Business News’ Charlie Gasparino, his sources have revealed to him that Apple’s board of directors are similarly concerned as well over Apple’s apparent lack of innovation.

While this might imply that Cook’s position at Apple could be in danger, Gasparino notes that this is not the case, and that the board of directors are merely concerned that Apple is no longer viewed as an innovative company, and that they are pressuring Cook to pick up the pace on Apple’s innovation. Granted over the past few years Apple has introduced upgrades to existing products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers with newer and faster hardware, new designs, and features, although we’re guessing by “innovation” the board of directors is hoping for something that would have the same impact the iPhone and iPad did when they were first launched.

Will Apple’s rumored iWatch and iTV be the products that will help them regain some of their innovative status? Or do you think that Apple was never really an innovative company to begin with?

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