sonic-lost-world-nightsFor those of you out there who has more than enough faith in the upcoming Sonic title for the Nintendo Wii U platform and has placed a pre-order for Sonic Lost World for Wii U will be greeted by a nice surprise – that you will be on the receiving end of an exclusive level and boss battles against huge, gargantuan monsters that were inspired by another Sonic Team game, namely the Sega Saturn classic known as “Nights into Dreams”. I haven’t played the latter before despite seeing ads of it in my comics back in the day, but if the graphics shown above are anything to go by, it is certainly a colorful affair.

Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six Bonus Edition will boast of an exclusive “NiGHTMARE” downloadable content through a redeemable code that has been included with pre-orders of the title. The game’s antagonists, namely the Deadly Six (is this a ripoff of the Sinister Six from Marvel Comics?), will have beasts inspired by Nights into Dreams as their mode of transport of choice, and each time you defeat one of them, you will be able to unlock a special color power for Sonic. Alternatively, the other way to unlock this special color power would be to get it via the Wii U’s Miiverse.

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