Bildschirmfoto2013-08-08um135633_zps9ec76f00While sometimes it is fun to see the guts of our hardware through transparent casings and what not, it is safe to say that the novelty of such designs can wear off pretty fast and transparent chassis hardly exudes the feeling of sleekness and elegance. However it seems that Sony could once again be toying with the idea of launching a possible transparent camera thanks to a recently filed patent. As you can see in the diagram above, Sony’s idea seems to be more towards a transparent Cyber-Shot camera, as opposed to a transparent DSLR like the A77 that they revealed a couple years back, although it is very possible that the diagram is just for illustration purposes.

So why a transparent camera, you ask? According to the description of the patent, Sony believes that it adds visual appeal, and for some reason believes that people want to be able to see the processor in their camera without having to go through the trouble of prying it open manually. We’re not sure how we feel about this idea but then again it is a patent, so there’s really no telling if Sony will go through with it, but what do you guys think? Anyone interested in a transparent camera?

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