ps4-hrdware-large31There has been a lot of fuss the past couple of months over the launch of next-gen consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but exactly how big a fuss are we talking about? Well according to Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s chief, Fergal Gara, the pre-orders of the PlayStation 4 are “way over and above and beyond the pre-order number at launch day” when compared to its predecessors, the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.

Unfortunately Gara stated that they are unable to disclose the number of pre-orders yet, but he did state that it numbers more than a million. Sony is working at the moment to try and fulfill as many pre-orders as they possibly can at the moment so as to satisfy gamers. “We’re doing everything we can to secure every last unit … so we an do out very best to meet the demand as it stands for day one and clearly chasing there after.” Given that pre-orders of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles have been running out at retailers around the world, it is safe to say that this news isn’t all that surprising. The PlayStation 4 has been pegged for a release on the 15th of November, have you placed your pre-order yet?

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