yahoo-new-logoIn a surprising twist of events (and a welcome one from the folks over at Yahoo, of course), Yahoo has managed to edge out Google as the most visited website in the US for the month of July 2013. Of course, this bit of information was provided by the folks over at ComScore. Just what is the final score line like? Yahoo managed to pick up 196.6 million unique visitors for July 2013, while Team Google racked up 192.3 million unique visitors. This marks the first time that Yahoo made a return to the summit where US web traffic is concerned since May 2011, which is more than two years ago.

This particular way of counting traffic will not include data from Tumblr, which happens to be a company that Yahoo picked up earlier this year for a cool $1 billion, and I would assume if it did, Yahoo would have “won” by a larger margin. I guess it is a good place to signal that Marissa Mayer’s tenure as the company’s CEO is starting to bear fruit, and it has also been reflected in Yahoo’s share price which has nearly doubled in value ever since she helmed the once ailing Internet company. Other than Yahoo and Google, which are the remaining companies that would make up the most visited Web properties? They are Microsoft, Facebook and AOL. Having said that, getting to the top is the easy part compared to staying there.

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