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How To Save Or Backup Your Emails
The advantages of saving to the cloud means that you never really have to worry about accessing your emails, because as long as it is in the cloud and you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access them on any device, anywhere around the world. However, if you wanted to be able to save your emails to your own hard drives, here’s how you can go about it.

Yahoo Debuts Alarm Clock App That Reads You News Snippets
Nowadays many of us rely on our smartphones and smartwatches when it comes to alarms. Back in the day, there would be devices such as clock radios that would wake users up to a radio station at a set time, and if you miss that way of waking up, not to worry as Yahoo might have something for you.

Yahoo Agrees On $50 Million Settlement For Massive Hack
Yahoo’s massive hack which affected some 200 million users in the United States and over three billion email accounts globally has proven to be a costly one for the company. It was hit with class action lawsuits after the hack was disclosed. Yahoo has now agreed on a $50 million settlement which it will be paying to the victims of this security breach.

‘Yahoo Together’ Group Messenger App Launched
Back in the day, apps such as Yahoo Messenger used to be pretty popular, but fast forward to today’s landscape, the app remains as a fond memory of the earlier days of the internet. However it seems that it has not stopped the company from trying as they have since launched a new app called Yahoo Together.


Yahoo Mail Continues Scanning Emails To Sell Data To Advertisers
While many popular email providers used to scan users’ emails to provide data to advertisers, quite a few of them have moved away from this, but it appears that Yahoo Mail hasn’t. A new report claims that Yahoo Mail continues to scan emails for data that it will sell to advertisers.

Apple Investigated In Japan Over Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices
Given the popularity of the iOS platform, it’s easy to see how Apple can hold a tremendous amount of sway over developers. So much so that in a report from the Nikkei Asian Review (via AppleInsider), the company might have landed themselves in a bit of hot water as they are being investigated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) over alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Yahoo Messenger Will Be Shutting Down Next Month
Before the arrival of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, Telegram, and so on, there existed mIRC, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. Now for the most part these chat applications have sort of faded from the mainstream, or in the case of AIM, was actually shut down back in December 2017.

Yahoo Mail Reportedly Not Working For Many iOS Users
For users who access their Yahoo Mail through the iOS Mail app and have been noticing some issues, you’re not alone as it appears that quite a number of iOS users have been complaining about having some issues accessing their emails. Yahoo has since officially acknowledged that there is a problem and that they are looking to fix it.

Yahoo To Shut Down Its Aviate Android Launcher March 8
Some of you guys might recall that back in 2014, Yahoo attempted to try and integrate itself deeper in Android by launching Aviate (after acquiring them in the same year). For those unfamiliar, Aviate billed itself as a smart launcher where depending on the user’s preferences and habits, will display information contextually.

Google Is Firefox’s Default Search Engine Once Again
It is pretty obvious why companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo would want their search engines to be the default on browsers. For example it has been reported that Google had paid Apple billions to remain the default search engine on iOS devices, while companies like Yahoo inked deals with Mozilla to become Firefox’s default search.

Yahoo Claims 2013 Data Breach Affected 3 Billion Users
Yahoo used to be one of the internet darlings from back in the day when the internet was still relatively young. In fact one could almost say that Yahoo’s position and influence back in the day was similar to how Google is today, where the company’s services like email, news portal, and search engine was the default for many.

Yahoo Mail Gets A UI Makeover And A New ‘Pro’ Version
Back in the day when the internet was still in its early stages, there were plenty of free email services around, but eventually users quickly settled on a handful, some of which remains popular and in use even until today. One of those services is Yahoo Mail, which unfortunately in recent times has gotten a bad rep no thanks to various security breaches.

Tumblr Introduces ‘Safe Mode’ That Helps Hide NSFW Content
It is no secret that Tumblr is host to a ton of NSFW content, which has in the past gotten them blocked in certain countries. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy coming across NSFW content while browsing Tumblr, not to worry as the website has since announced a new feature in the form of “safe mode”.

Marissa Mayer Looks Forward To Using Gmail Again
Marissa Mayer held the top job at Yahoo for five years. She switched from Google to lead the company after working at Mountain View over more than 13 years. It was a big switch for the executive who would have undoubtedly had to stop using some Google services as she was now in competition with her previous employer. Mayer resigned from Yahoo on Tuesday after Verizon completed its acquisition of […]