Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite using his app on Google Glass


Zite is the news application that was bought by CNN in August 2011, its 2.0 version was launched for iOS in December 2012, and today, Android devices owners will get access to Zite 2.0. The company is going full force to Google, so the lucky people who could afford the $1500 Google Glass will be able to enjoy the wearable Zite experience.

I had the opportunity to try Zite for Google Glass during my meeting with Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite, and it was surprisingly an interesting experience. Zite gives the ability to scroll through the last ten top stories, the headlines are easy to read  and you can ask Glasseitther to read you an article aloud or go to the website.

Overtime, Zite learns your preferences and thus customize the top stories it pushes accordingl. Another cool feature is the ability to categorize your favorite content in a large number of categories, which offers more granularity than other apps. Zite claims to offer over 40,000 topics to choose from.

You can check the screen shots gallery above to have a better idea how the user interface looks like for Google Glass.

Mark showed me a demo of Zite 2.0 for Android, the main new features include a brand new user interface, the ability to add the Zite widget to your home screen for flicking through the top 10 stories, quick access to your favorite topics with Quicklist (see below), an overall improved personalization and specifically for the top stories, a new sharing menu, topic tags are now integrated in articles, and S-Pen integration to navigate the articles with the Samsung S-pen. Check the video demo, my apologies, I had to remove one portion where the audio stopped working, on that part, Mark Johnson was explaining Zite’s new features, you still get the part where he is showing the reading experience.

Zite 2.0 for Android

Zite 2.0 for Android

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