robo-ankleWill robots as well as exo-skeletons become a permanent fixture in everyday life sometime down the road? Perhaps, although science fiction buffs will tell you that this is definitely the case. We have seen some robotic exo-skeletons make an appearance over at trade shows as well as press events in the past, but to find someone donning these as part of his or her clothes is something else altogether. However, Yaskawa Electric might just change things with the latest design of their Ankle Walking Assist Device (AWAD), making it a possible robotic exoskeleton that is the first of its kind to arirve for the masses.

Specially developed to ensure that the elderly will be able to remain active, the AWAD system will comprise of a couple of robo-boots that will be powered by a waist-mounted battery pack. The boots will be able to help out its wearer by sensing the moment their heel hits the ground, before providing one with a teeny bit of boosted strength. It will go some way in helping the wearer maintain his or her balance, while walking at a pace that will not hold up anyone else behind. Yaskawa has hopes to mass market the AWAD system by the time 2015 rolls around.

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