animation-conceptIt goes without saying that Windows Phone 8.1 is more or less right around the corner, where we have seen that there were alleged leaked screenshots of the operating system before, and what you see above are screen captures of a possible Windows Phone 8.1 design. These images were made available thanks to a certain forum member who goes by the handle “qXerro”, where these screenshots remain to be verified as to whether they hail from the Windows Phone team, or were they expertly recreated in his spare time with the right kind of image editing software.

So far, the conceptual animation does seem to show off a fair number of actionable notifications, and not only that, it also shows just how swiping to the left will depict the ‘me’, quick share, settings, and personalize section. Let us take a quick poll now, what do you think of Windows Phone 8.1 so far? Will different animations be able to make the entire Windows Phone 8.1 experience a better one? If you were Microsoft, what would you do on your part to make sure that Windows Phone 8.1 works as intended? I know that it can get pretty difficult trying to please every one, and the situation does remind me of the Aesop’s fable which involves a father, son, and donkey.

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