Dell-venue-proJust last week Dell brought back the Venue brand with a new Windows 8.1 tablet and with that being said and done, does this mean that we can look forward to seeing Dell reattempt the smartphone market with more Venue smartphones? Well it turns out that that will not be happening anytime soon. Speaking during an interview with CNBC, Dell founder and CEO, Michael Dell, stated that the company would focus more on the tablet market instead of attempting to break into the smartphone market (again).

When asked about Dell’s lack of mobility products, Dell was quoted as saying, “Twitter’s a great customer […] Every time a new mobile company gets born, they need servers and infrastructure and storage, and companies need to be able to protect and secure their data on these mobile devices.” What do you guys think? Do you think Dell should get back into the smartphone business? After all the company did have some pretty interesting products in the past, but perhaps an attempt with Android might prove to be more fruitful?

In any case for Dell fans, it looks like for now the company will just be rolling out computers and tablets, but who knows what the future holds, right?

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