gta-iv-salesWho would have thought that a five year old game could still fly off the shelves half a decade later? Well, a UK retailer known as Asda has claimed that the GTA 4 title has been selling like hotcakes in anticipation of GTA 5. Asda’s head of video games Craig Thirkell mentioned that “GTA 4 has been flying off the shelves in anticipation. [GTA 5] marks the first of our midnight launches for 2013. We have a few surprises up our sleeves to keep our customers happy on the night.”

It must be noted that while GTA 4 actually hit the market more than 5 years ago (April 2008 to be exact), it has proven to be quite the consistent performer ever since, moving more than 25 million units worldwide while remaining in the top 10 most played charts on Xbox LIVE for a fair amount of time. Well, I suppose the surge in GTA 4 sales would mean that folks have a tinge of nostalgia and probably have sold their previous copy of GTA 4 in the past, and want to get back in the groove as GTA 5 launches next Tuesday, September 17, on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. I suppose it is somewhat the equivalent of Star Wars fans watching the original trilogy before the nefarious Episode 1 was released.

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