Many are wondering when Rockstar is expected to release Grand Theft Auto VI. It has been a very long time since GTA 5 was released, so clearly GTA 6 is due to make its appearance as well, but Rockstar has remained mum on the issue.

Perhaps unable to contain himself and needing a definitive answer, or maybe it’s just very clever guerrilla marketing, a man crashed a live television show in Germany where he burst onto the set and demanded to know where GTA 6 was. According to the rough translation, “I wish you a beautiful day, my name is Asa(?). What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting eight years for GTA 6!”

The host of the show, Alexander Duszat, appeared to handle the situation very professionally where he engaged the man in some banter. When the man asked Duszat to shout into the camera demanding GTA 6, he declined stating that he hasn’t even finished GTA 5 yet. The man is later escorted out by a security guard.

It is a rather hilarious exchange and we’re sure the man’s frustrations are one felt by many fans of the franchise, although we’re not sure if this was staged or if he simply couldn’t take it anymore. Hopefully Rockstar will have something to announce soon!

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