iPhone 5C Packaging Leaked

iphone5c-packaging-leakMuch has been said (and of course, subsequently leaked) about the upcoming iPhone 5C, where a purported reference card was reportedly leaked yesterday, not to mention having being caught on video sometime at the end of last month. Well, we are slowly but surely getting closer to the announcement of a new Apple product, although we have no concrete information as to which device will be announced at the upcoming September 10th event. One persistent rumor that has been making its way around, however, is the budget-oriented iPhone 5C, which is said to arrive in a plastic case that will boast of many colors. What you see above is an alleged image of the purported iPhone 5C, coming in its packaging. The images were said to have been pulled from the Chinese website iapps.im, although they were removed in double quick time, but not before other sites managed to publish about it.

The alleged leaked image above depicts the iPhone 5C in white, blue and yellow case versions, while there are other alleged leaked photos of the iPhone 5C depicting it in a shade of red. What do you think Apple will unveil at their press conference this coming September 10th? Will it just be the iPhone 5S, or will the iPhone 5C accompany it? How about letting us see a new iPad, too?

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