lgultrahdoledtv031Just last week during IFA 2013 in Berlin, LG unveiled their 77” Ultra HD Curved OLED display, essentially making it the world’s largest Ultra HD OLED television. LG however did not mention if and when the device would go on sale, or how much it would cost (we imagine it will cost a small fortune), and now the company has announced their new strategy which is to start bringing the company’s Ultra HD OLED displays to the masses.

LG has released Ultra HD OLED television sets in the past, but the markets they released them in were only a few, and they weren’t exactly moved in bulk either, which is why LG has decided it’s high time they started bringing these displays to the masses. LG has announced plans to accelerate the launch of Ultra HD and OLED televisions in 2014, and that 50 different countries will be able to purchase both the company’s premium and economy versions of its hardware.

Give that Ultra HD OLED televisions aren’t as commonly available as Full HD displays, for the most part they are pretty expensive, so if LG were to offer “economy” versions of its products, we expect they won’t have any trouble finding customers.

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