motorola-colorful-logoJust the other day we reported on some unfortunate news on how BlackBerry had announced an operating loss of about $1 billion, and in the process would be axing some jobs in a bid to save money. So what will happen to these unfortunate staff at BlackBerry? Where will they go to next? Well Motorola might be a possibility, especially since Google had recently confirmed that the company would be opening up shop in Waterloo, Canada, leading some to speculate that this could be a sign that Google and Motorola are interested in picking up some of BlackBerry’s staff who might have been laid off as a result of the huge loss.

Of course this isn’t confirmed since we doubt Google will be sharing their hiring practices with the public anytime soon, but even if it weren’t true, the proximity could spell new job opportunities for the BlackBerry staff who might have recently lost their jobs. What do you guys think? Will Motorola and Google be able to benefit from the experience and knowledge of former BlackBerry personnel? Or do you think that them opening up shop just next door is just a coincidence?

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