nasa-bedrestTo get paid while you are doing something that you love is more or less the dream of every single person out there. After all, it is not called work then, is it? For those of you out there who love nothing better than to grab some shuteye, then you would be more than pleased to discover that NASA is working on a study which will require folks to lie in a tilted bed for up to 70 days. This particular bed is not your usual piece of furniture where you sleep on at night, but rather, it will be slanted at an angle of 6 degrees which is meant to assist researchers in developing new methods so that astronauts who return from space missions are able to physically adjust themselves to daily life with as little issues as possible.

Tilting the beds would allow test subjects will experience increased circulation to the upper parts of their bodies, which will then simulate just what would happen when one is in space with a zero gravity environment. The researchers will also record the cardiovascular behavior throughout the entire duration of the study. NASA intends to pay subjects a cool $1,200 per week for participation in the study, and the entire study could last up to a total of 15 weeks. Sounds like a dream job, no?

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