wiiufirmware-delayBack when Nintendo announced that they would be cutting the prices of the Nintendo 3DS, they launched an Ambassador Program which basically placated early adopters of the 3DS who bought the console at its original price. Now with the Nintendo Wii U about to get a price cut of its own, we’re sure many are wondering if early adopters of the Wii U would be entitled to a similar Ambassador Program of their own as well. Unfortunately for Wii U owners, it does not look like this will be the case. Nintendo fan site Wii U Daily wrote to Nintendo to ask if such a program would be taking place, and the simple answer was no, or at the very least there are no plans for such a program at the moment.

According to the email, “Thank you for taking the time to write with your questions regarding a Wii U Ambassador program. The Ambassador program is only available to any Nintendo 3DS owner who purchased their system before August 12, 2011 and there are no plans for a similar program for Wii U.” This was later confirmed by Nintendo America’s Reggie Fils-Aime when Kotaku reached out to him for confirmation of the email. What do you guys think? Is Nintendo being unfair to early adopters of the Wii U? Or do early adopters of the Wii U not too fussed about it?

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