orbaudioline-lgBeing an audiophile can be quite an expensive hobby since audiophile grade speakers, cables, subwoofers, and amplifiers can cost a lot of money,  but if you’re looking to start from somewhere, Orb Audio has announced a new line of speakers that will mark the company’s 10th anniversary. These speakers include the Mod1X, Mod2X, and the Mod4X, along with two compact subwoofer systems, the subMINI and the subONE.

One of the more interesting aspects of the speakers is how it can be customized, allowing users to add more “orbs” to the setup, thus increasing its output. For example if you’re using it in a small room, a pair of orbs should do the trick, but for those looking to deck out a home theater system or a larger living room, you can always add more orbs, although it will cost you, but like we said since these speakers are customizable, those looking to get into the audiophile hobby can start off small.

Next up are the subONE and subMINI subwoofers, with the former sporting a 200-watt amplifier, while the latter will be a slightly more compact version that will feature a 100-watt amplifier. Orb Audio has a bunch of packages for customers to choose from, depending on your needs, so if you’d like to check it out hit up Orb Audio’s website for the details.

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