gsnote3-purseWhen it comes to something larger than your average sized smartphone, such as those devices that approach into phablet territory, it also goes without saying that such devices require the very same amount of care and concern. After all, dropping your smartphone, tablet or phablet is never going to be easy on your heart, especially if you happen to be one who meticulously takes care of whatever devices that are in your possession. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one such device that requires careful usage, and it has also racked up its fair share of protective accessories along the way.

Apart from the usual flip cover form factor, Samsung does seem to be peering into the future of their accessories department, offering the Galaxy Note 3 a “Mini Purse”. This particular “purse”, so to speak, is not meant to hold your lipstick and some loose change as well as that photo of your husband or boyfriend, but rather to ensure that your Galaxy Note 3 and the rest of your credit cards, cash and bills remains in place without missing a beat. It does seem as though this “purse” will arrive only in blue at launch, with pricing details yet to be determined.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3
1920x1080 Super AMOLED
Price (approximative)
~$-1 - Amazon
13 MP
Ff/2.2 Aperture Size
Image Stabilization
168 g
3200 mAh
Removable Battery
Launched in
Snapdragon 800 + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
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