sony-whWhen it comes to audio products, Sony’s Walkman brand is one that is well-known around the world, although it has since moved on from offering up portable cassette players to portable media players and 3-in-1 devices like the recently introduced NWZ-WH505 and the NWZ-WH303, both of which have the ability to act as headphones, an MP3 player, as well as surround sound speakers! As you can see in the image above, the end result is a pretty sleek pair of headphones, although how heavy it is given all of its functions and features, and how good its audio quality is remains to be seen.


Starting with the WH505, this is the top of the range model and will offer up 16GB of storage, which according to Sony should be good for about 4,000 songs. It will support a wide range of audio formats and will sport 40mm dome type headphone drivers, and with its xLoud and VPT technology, it turns the WH505 into a somewhat decent pair of speakers as well. As a finishing touch, the WH505 will also have its logo built with backlit LED lights.

The WH303 model will offer up similar features, although it will offer less storage at 4GB and its headphone drivers at 30mm. It too will include the backlit logo and will offer listeners up to 20 hours on a single recharge. Pricing of either pair of headphones have yet to be announced, along with their availability.

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