V-Moda’s BassFit Wireless Headphones Announced

In this day and age where handset makers are starting to remove the headphone jack from their devices, what this means is that more users are turning towards wireless headphones. Now there are plenty of wireless headphones in the market today geared towards fitness enthusiasts, and it looks like V-Moda has decided to toss their hat into the ring.

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month Microsoft announced that they will be launching their own pair of noise-cancelling headphones under the Surface brand simply called the Surface Headphones. The company had also confirmed that pre-orders would be going live on the 15th of November and if these are a pair of headphones you are interested in, pre-orders are now live on Microsoft’s website.

Apple Wants To Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Headphones Properly

Putting on a pair of headphones is simple enough. You either stuff the earbuds into your ear, or you slip the headphone cups over or onto your ears. However according to a recently discovered patent, Apple seems to have developed a system that wants to help ensure that you have your headphones put on correctly.

Dyson Could Be Working On A Wearable Air Purifier That Doubles As Headphones

Many of us take for granted that we live in places where air pollution isn’t so bad and is actually liveable. However if you’ve seen photos of certain cities in China and India, then you know that there are some out there who are living in an almost perpetual state of smog which obviously isn’t the most healthy.


AirPods Were Best Buy’s Top-Selling Item In October

When Apple announced the AirPods, many made fun of the company, especially given how Apple was known for their design, the AirPods did look a bit silly as it looked like regular earphones with their cables cut off. However much like how Apple won over customers with the iPad, they did the same with the AirPods.

Trademark Filings Hint At Potential New AirPod Features

A recent Bluetooth database listing has revealed that Apple might have new AirPods in the works. However details about the new models are scarce, and exactly what kind of new features they might have remains unclear, but thanks to new trademark filings spotted by Patently Apple, we might have an idea.

Study Finds Apple Is Apparently Leading The Headphone Market

When you think of headphones, you might think of brands such as Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Sony, and so on, and chances are that Apple is probably a brand that almost never comes to mind. However according to a study by MIDiA Research (via MacDailyNews), Apple is apparently leading the headphone market.

New AirPods Model Numbers Spotted, Refresh Imminent

We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be getting ready to launch a pair of refreshed AirPods headphones, but any AirPods-related announcement was missing at Apple’s event last month which saw Apple launch a redesigned iPad Pro, an updated MacBook Air, and also finally refreshed its Mac Mini lineup.

Audio Technica M50xBT Wireless Headphones Announced

These days we are starting to see more mobile devices drop the headphones jack, such as the OnePlus 6T, and it seems that even Apple’s latest iPad wasn’t immune to getting the headphone jack removed. What this means is that if you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, maybe you might want to consider a wireless model.

Beats Studio 3 ‘Skyline’ Collection Launched

Earlier Apple had launched a new pair of Solo 3 headphones that were designed to feature a Mickey Mouse design plastered across its band. This was in collaboration with Disney to celebrate the character turning 90 years old. However if over-ears headphones are more your jam, then you might be interested to learn that Apple has since launched the Beats Studio 3 Skyline Collection.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Beats Solo 3 Headphones Launched

In terms of brand new upgraded models of Beats headphones, Apple hasn’t really refreshed the lineup this year. However this isn’t to say that the current lineup is bad, and in fact many of them are still 100% viable, which is kind of the perks of headphones in which as long as it sounds good, you don’t really need to upgrade them.

Essential’s Audio Adapter Stops By The FCC

The problem with smartphones these days is that many are starting to ditch the headphone jack. We imagine that in the next few years when wireless headphones become ubiquitous that this will no longer be an issue, but for now there are still many out there who rely on wired headphones which means buying adapters and dongles.

Real-Time Translation Coming To All Google Assistant Headphones

Google Translate is one of the better translation platforms available out there, thanks to the use of machine learning that helps it better understand things like natural language and context. This was one of the key points of the Google Pixel Buds (launched last year) that provided users with real-time translation capabilities.

Grado Launches Its First Ever Wireless Headphones

Grado is a company known for their high-end headphones, and just like many of their audiophile customers, Grado has stayed away from launching wireless headphones with the belief that wireless won’t sound as good as wired. However it looks like the company has finally caved in as they have since launched their first pair of wireless headphones.