Nomad Launches New Natural Leather Accessories For The Apple Watch, AirPods

The nice thing about buying into Apple’s ecosystem is that because Apple has so many customers and its products are so popular that there are plenty of third-party accessories that you can buy. If you own the Apple Watch and you’re shopping about for a new strap and don’t want to pay Apple’s prices, Nomad has you covered.

Audio-Technica Announces New QuietPoint Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

#CES2019 – Audio-Technica is a company known for their headphones, and if you’re in the market for new wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, the company doesn’t disappoint because at CES 2019, Audio-Technica has unveiled a handful of new headphones that are part of its QuietPoint lineup.

Sony’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones Will Soon Support Alexa

#CES2019 – If you own one of Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones, then you might be interested to learn that in an upcoming update to the headphones, Sony will be introducing support for Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. This includes the Sony WH-1000XM2, WH-1000XM3, and the WI-1000X.

JBL’s Endurance Peak Are True Wireless Earphones For Working Out

#CES2019 – Headphones and the gym seem like they are a perfect fit, delivering fitness enthusiasts their dose of motivational music to run that last mile or to make that last heavy lift. However since we typically sweat a fair amount during our workouts, it means that our headphones need to be water-resistant to a certain degree.


Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro Wireless Earphones

Many mocked Apple when the company launched the AirPods. This was due to the design of the earphones which looked like regular Apple earphones with the wires cut off. However the earphones has managed to sell pretty well to date, and it also seems to be yet another product of Apple’s that its competitors love to copy.

HyperX Announces New Cloud Orbit Gaming Headsets

#CES2019 – There are plenty of gaming headsets out there in the market today, but if you’re looking for a new pair and want to see what the latest headsets might have to offer, then HyperX might have something for you. The company has recently announced the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S headsets that were made together with Audeze and Waves Technology.

NuraLoop Earphones Can Adapt To Your Hearing

#CES2019 – When it comes to choosing headphones, there isn’t necessarily a single model that is beloved by all. This is because we all have different preferences when it comes to sound, fit, comfort, and so on. However the makers of the Nuraphone are hoping to at least eliminate one of those variables with the launch of the NuraLoop earphones.

Jabra’s Elite 85h Noise-Cancelling Headphones Comes With Alexa, Google Assistant

#CES2019 – A couple of years ago, the headphones scene was very different. We were mostly treated to wired headphones that did pretty much what it was intended for. However these days with digital assistants being more commonplace, and with handset makers ditching the headphone jack, it is a very different scene.

Exclusive New Year Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones For China Revealed

China is an extremely important market for Apple, so much so that following weak demand for the iPhone in the country, Apple had to slash its revenue estimates. Bad news aside, it seems that over in China Apple has recently taken the wraps off their latest Beats Solo3 wireless headphones, which has been given an exclusive design for the Chinese market.

Klipsch Unveils New Wireless Earbuds With Zippo-Style Charging Case

Ever since smartphone manufacturers started to ditch the 3.5mm jack, this has resulted in many headphone makers to start coming up with more wireless options. Klipsch is one of those companies and they have recently taken the wraps off their latest “true” wireless earbuds in the form of the T5 True Wireless Headphones.

Bang & Olufsen Updates The Beoplay E8 With Wireless Charging Case

Last year Bang & Olufsen took the wraps off their Beoplay E8 earbuds. A quick recap for those unfamiliar, the E8 has been designed to be wireless earbuds similar in concept to what Apple created with the AirPods. While they might have been later to the market compared to Apple, the company can now boast a first.

Lenovo Thinkplus Pods One Headphones Launched

Lenovo is known for their computers and to a certain extent, their smartphones. However it seems that Lenovo could be getting into making headphones as well. The company has recently launched the Thinkplus Pods One headphones which are a pair of wireless headphones that appears to be designed for fitness enthusiasts.

Skullcandy Launches Their First ‘True’ Wireless Earbuds

While wireless earphones aren’t exactly new, we’re starting to see a trend where headphone makers are making “true” wireless headphones, meaning that these headphones don’t have any cable whatsoever connecting them to each other, much like the AirPods from Apple. Given that handset manufacturers are starting to ditch the headphone jack, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a rise in popularity in such devices.

Teen Dies After Being Electrocuted While Using Headphones

We have heard unfortunate stories in the past where people have died after being electrocuted by their charging cables. However it seems that over in Malaysia, a teen has reportedly died after being electrocuted while using a pair of headphones that was plugged into a mobile phone that was also being charged.