Amazon Echo Buds Could Soon Get Workout Tracking Features

A couple of months ago, Amazon announced their own set of true wireless earbuds in the form of the Amazon Echo Buds. The rumors, leading up to the announcement, suggested that it could come with features like built-in workout tracking, but unfortunately, the earbuds launched without those features present.

AirPods Pro Replacements Will Not Come Cheap

So yesterday Apple officially took the wraps off their new AirPods Pro earbuds. These are a higher-end version of the AirPods that featured improved audio quality and also features like active noise cancellation. It is also more expensive than the regular AirPods where it is priced at $250.

Apple Quietly Launches Its New AirPods Pro With Noise Cancellation

Apple’s AirPods have been selling like hotcakes, despite many making fun of its design. This is largely due to the ease of use of the headphones and the reliability of the connection. However, it was to deny that it wasn’t exactly the best-sounding pair of earphones, and how the competition seemed to be gaining an edge with additional features.

Photo Shows Alleged AirPods Pro Charging Case

By the end of this week, if the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be gearing up to launch a new set of AirPods where it will be known as the AirPods Pro. These are a set of AirPods that will come with better audio and also noise-cancelling features. Now thanks to a couple of photos shared on Slashleaks, it shows what is allegedly the charging case for the […]


Apple’s AirPods Pro Could Come In A Multitude Of Colors

According to the rumors, Apple is set to launch what they will be calling the AirPods Pro at the end of the month. Now according to a report from the Economic Daily News, it has been revealed that the new AirPods could actually be launched in a multitude of color options for customers to choose from.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Headphones Updated With New Design

If you’re in the market for a new set of wireless headphones, then you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen has announced an update to its Beoplay H4 headphones. For those unfamiliar, the H4 headphones are the more affordable headphones in B&O’s Beoplay lineup, so it could be worth checking out.

Razer Unveils Its New Tetra Lightweight Headset For Gaming

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are many available in the market, but for the most part, a lot of them tend to be big and bulky. This is not an issue if you plan to use it at home, but if you want to travel with them, then it might be a problem. Razer, known for their Kraken headsets, might have the answer to that problem.

AirPods Pro To Arrive End Of October With $260 Price Tag

For a while now we have heard the rumors that Apple could be working on a new set of AirPods that could feature active noise cancellation. Then within the iOS 13.2 beta, it looked like the rumors were confirmed when a new set of AirPods icons were spotted, hinting at the device’s impending launch.

Bose Is Making House Calls To Fix The QC35 II’s Noise Cancellation Problem

When it comes to noise canceling headphones, Bose is a company that is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. The company’s Quiet Comfort series of headphones is pretty popular amongst travellers who might be able to appreciate the noise cancellation that it affords them, especially during public commutes or while on a plane.

Master & Dynamic Announces New MW07 GO And MW07 PLUS Earphones

The problem with a lot of true wireless earbuds is that due to their size, they don’t usually come with the best sound. However, if there is one company that seemed to defy those odds it would be Master & Dynamic, whose MW07 earbuds have been rated as some of the best-sounding wireless earbuds money can buy at the moment.

Apple Unveils New Beats Solo Pro Headphones With 40 Hour Battery Life

The problem with the majority of wireless headphones is in its battery life. While we can appreciate not having to deal with cables that get tangled, we compromise by having devices run on battery, which like we said, for the most part is still less than ideal in terms of how long it can last.

Google Gives Apple A Run For Their Money With The New Pixel Buds

When Google announced the original Pixel Buds, it felt like the company wasn’t quite ready to fully embrace true wireless earbuds. This is because if you recall, the OG Pixel Buds came with a cable that connected both earbuds together. However, it seems that Google has finally decided to cut the cord.

New AirPods Could Feature Adjustable Noise Cancellation

For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be looking to launch a pair of AirPods with noise cancelling technology. Those rumors gained a ton of traction in recent times when in iOS 13.2, new AirPods icons were spotted, giving credence to the rumors that a new pair of AirPods could be in the works at the very least.

Sennheiser’s New Gaming Headset Promises 100 Hours Of Battery Life

If you’re in the camp that believes that there is a need for gamer-specific headphones, then you might be interested to learn that Sennheiser has recently taken the wraps off their latest gaming headset in the form of the GSP 370. Given that the company typically specializes in more audiophile-centric devices, it’s interesting to see them expand their offerings.