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Companies release tablets in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-FI plus cellular compatibility configurations. Tablet sales have skyrocketed over the past few years, and Wi-Fi only models have raked in considerably more customers than their cellular compatible counterparts. That’s because Wi-Fi only tablets tend to be cheaper, and the perfect option for those who are content with connecting to a Wi-Fi network whenever the need for a data connection arises. Mobile carriers don’t make any money off of them, and most customers who do have cellular compatible tablets, usually try to connect to a Wi-Fi network when they can to save on data charges. AT&T has a new plan that provides data to customers and brings in money, a $5 day pass that’s compatible with 3G and LTE compatible tablets.

A clear benefit of this new plan is geared towards travellers, who can simply pay $5 for a day’s worth of data access that ends up being cheaper than the usually expensive hotel Wi-Fi. $5 will give them 250MB of mobile data each day, the carrier says that it will make it easy for customers to purchase day passes through their tablets. Those who want more data allowance can pay $25 for 1GB that can be utilized within a three month period. The $5 day pass obviously won’t be enough for those who want to stream videos and download excessively on their tablets, but it should do the trick for business travellers who want to keep up with their emails, news and the occasional web browsing session.

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