Many of us are so used to typing on our respective keyboards these days, that when it comes to using our very own hand to write down some notes for a loved one, it might be rather difficult to do so since our hands have for the longest time, not been writing down page after page of notes or letters. In fact, there is nothing quite like a handwritten note when it comes to thank you cards or a personal message, and we have a company known as Bond Gifts from New York that might just use technology to deliver old world charm. They have revealed a robot that will work alongside an app that will be able to move a pen back and forth, scribbling a 255-character message in cursive, making it look as though it hailed from your very own hand.

Not only that, it will be extremely neat in nature, and this was made possible thanks to a freelance font designer, Rob Leuschke, who has come up with this connective script fonts which has been carefully planned and thought out in the first place. However, Bond’s handwriting robot is more “human” than normal, since it is capable of writing each “l” differently, so that not every letter would end up looking the same as the rest of the pack. It sure as heck could have fooled me! Enjoy the video above to see how this writing robot app does wonders.

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