motorola-droid-razr-hd-review-razr-maxx-review--26When it comes to choosing a smartphone, many factors are taken into consideration, such as hardware features, software features, price, brand loyalty, and etc., but for those looking for a little guidance, a recent Consumer Reports has suggested that when it comes to smartphones, they believe in their findings that Apple’s iPhones are no match for Motorola’s Droid lineup of devices on Verizon. The report notes that while some features such as the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s was impressive, and the overall look of iOS 7 was great, they felt that in terms of battery life and screen sizes were what makes Motorola’s Droid lineup “better”.

They found that Google Now and Motorola’s always listening feature on the Moto X was a “killer” of the iPhone, not to mention devices like the MAXX came with pretty sizable batteries that made it last much longer compared to the iPhone. Like we said, it does come down to personal preference and while one phone might look better on paper, it might not feel as good or run as smooth compared to another device, but in any case if you’re interested in checking out the report, head on over to Consumer Reports for the run down.

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