diablo-3There is nothing quite like a patch to fix up issues in a game, and hopefully for gamers of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, a patch will be issued soon so that the game-breaking save bug would be fixed and gamers are able to move on with their lives without seeing all of their hard work go down the drain. I guess this is why it always pays to have at least a couple of save game slots in existence. Well, here we are with word that the Diablo 3 PS3 patch has been issued so that it will be able to fix whatever annoying crash issues that had plagued gamers for some time already, although those who are rocking to the Xbox 360 from Microsoft will have to sit it out for the moment and wait a little bit longer.

A post on Battle.net touts that the folks over at Blizzard does not quite yet have an ETA on when the Xbox 360 patch will be madeavailable to the masses. Apart from that, it remains unclear as to whether the Xbox 360 version is currently in the pipeline, or whether it has already been completed but simply needs certification from the folks over at Microsoft. Either way, both patches should carry the same content and fix similar issues, so whatever we see in the PS3 patch notes ought to be an indicator of what is to come.

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