Whenever something breaks within your home, one of the first things you grab in order to fix it is probably a roll of duct tape. Sure – duct tape can help fix most things, but there are some breaks that even that magical black piece of tape can’t fix. For those kinds of breaks, FiberFix might just be what you’re really looking for as it’s a special tape that is 100x stronger than duct tape.

When FiberFix is applied, it hardens into a steel-like material through the use of a mixture of resin and water. Applying it straight from its airtight packaging is possible due to there being just enough moisture in the air to allow it to work, but if you need to, you could soak FiberFix in water prior to applying it. After around 5 to 10 minutes, the resin will harden and stick itself to the object it’s wrapped around so you can use it as if nothing was ever broken. For tougher breaks, though, it can take a total of 24 hours to fully cure.

If you’re currently looking at something that is broken beyond duct tape’s ability, FiberFix is available for just $6 for a 1-inch wide by 40-inch long strip. Those who know they’ll need to fix a lot of stuff can pick up a combo pack of three different sizes of FiberFix for $20.

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