Samsung first unveiled its Galaxy NX camera earlier this year during a press event the company held on June 20 in London. Since then, we’ve been hearing more and more in regards to the Galaxy NX, but today, we were able to finally get our hands on the camera for ourselves.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what Samsung has put under the hood of the Galaxy NX, we know one of the first things you’ll take note of when you get your hands on the camera is how it feels. When we held the Galaxy NX in our hands, we felt extremely comfortable holding it, although it’s understandably top heavy due to its lens. When compared to the Galaxy Camera, it’s certainly heavier even with its lens off of the camera’s body. The right side where the Galaxy NX’s shutter button and video record button has a rubberized grip that helps keep your hand on that portion of the camera, leaving accidental slips a thing of the past. When our hand was gripping the right side of the camera, our thumb fell right into place on its dial, allowing us to switch between modes on the fly.


Once you get your hands in the right position on the Galaxy NX, you’ll probably want to start using the thing to begin taking your shots. Just like the Galaxy Camera, the Galaxy NX runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which the Samsung executive we met with jokingly said he’s tested every version of Angry Birds on the camera, and is happy to report they all work very well. Taking shots was a breeze as we were able to achieve the ideal shot in just a few seconds, which resulted in our shots looking really good as we didn’t have to spend too much time preparing the lens or waiting too long for the auto-focus to kick in.

The Galaxy NX’s 4.8-inch LCD touchscreen is another area of the camera most people fall in love with when they first see it as the large screen is able to offer some impressive visuals from the number of test shots we took with it, even though its screen’s resolution is 800 x 600. That’s thanks to the 20.3MP APS-C sensor that comes with the Galaxy NX, although you could certainly purchase the camera without this sensor, which would bring down the cost of the camera a bit. The Galaxy NX also has some additionally nice specs as it has a 1/6000 shutter speed and 8.6FPS of continuous shooting. As for the rest of its specs, expect there to be 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, microSD card support, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi N and aGPS with GLONASS.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy NX next month with two available SKUs. The first SKU will only make the body of the Galaxy NX available for $1600, while the SKU that combines the body along with an 18-55mm kit lens will only raise the price to $1700. Those of you who enjoyed the Galaxy Camera but want to take your photography to the next level will probably see the Galaxy NX as the next step if you want your photo taking to get a little more serious.

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