lg-logo-001-640x480Recently LG Display announced that they would be mass producing flexible OLED displays for smartphones, and now it looks like another LG division has something to boast as LG Chem has announced that they will begin the production of curved batteries, which presumably will allow smartphone manufacturers, such as themselves, to design and manufacturer uniquely designed smartphones. These batteries will use LG’s patented “Stack and Folding” technology that will be able to be used to power smartphones, watches, or even glasses (is LG hinting at a Google Glass competitor?).

One of the misconceptions of flexible displays is that we can look forward to devices that can be folded in half or rolled up and put into our pockets. However while the display itself can be bent or folded, the components within the phone all need to be of similar flexibility, which means that flexible displays will only add a degree of curvature to phones, or perhaps allow for a wrapped-around design. However with LG announcing curved batteries, it’s one step closer to fully flexible and bendable smartphones. It will be interesting to see which device LG will choose to debut their new technology with and we can’t wait to see how other smartphone manufacturers, namely Apple, HTC, Sony, and Motorola, will respond.

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