Microsoft FinlandIt wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft announced their plans to acquire Nokia’s cellphone business, and with the acquisition there were talks about how Microsoft would drop the Nokia branding from future devices, as well as the Lumia name as well. This is not surprising given that Microsoft is hoping to streamline its brand and its products. For those unfamiliar, the name Nokia is not only the name of a company in Finland, but is also the name of a town in Finland in the region of Pirkanmaa where there are actual signboards that read “Nokia”.

Well with the upcoming acquisition, assuming nothing goes wrong, the Nokia brand could eventually disappear and one prankster in Finland has decided to “celebrate” that by replacing signboards that read “Nokia” with “Microsoft”, as you can see in the photo above.  We guess some people are taking the acquisition rather well, although we expect there are probably some diehard fans out there who are sad to see the brand go. We know we are, after all Nokia has put out some great feature phones in the past, like the 3310, which has managed to find its way into an internet meme as a handset that is durable enough to break down doors and destroy floors when dropped.

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