Earlier this year Samsung announced a new product, didn’t reveal any pricing and availability details, and the product kind of dropped off the radar. Called Samsung HomeSync, the device allows users to sync content stored on their mobile device to their TV. Users who own Samsung mobile devices can already share content onto their TVs provided that they’re using one made by the Korean manufacturer. HomeSync eliminates the restriction of having a TV from the same manufacturer. Today, Samsung HomeSync has finally started shipping in the U.S.

HomeSync packs a 1.7GHz quadcore processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of flash storage and a 1TB hard disk, so its far from your average set-top box. There’s support for standard audio and video codecs, USB 3.0, microUSB and HDMI, users will also have full access to the Google Play Store through the device. One major downside is that content can only be streamed from a Samsung device. Content can not only be streamed through HomeSync, it can also be stored on its 1TB drive. Eight separate accounts can be created for eight separate users, who will all have the ability to sync from their mobile devices. Samsung HomeSync is available right now from a number of major retailers for $299, it is now shipping out to customers immediately. A HomeSync companion app for Samsung Android devices is now also available from the Google Play Store.

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