Sharp Mirror Display

sharp-mirror-display[CEATEC 2013] Fashion stores as well as corporations who wish to impress clients and visitors alike might want to check out this Sharp Mirror Display which works just as the name describes it. It is basically a display that does not look like it in the first place – considering how when turned off, it resembles an ordinary mirror. Send in some electricity and you will see what looks like a miracle.

Needless to say, when turned off, it resembles a mirror-like display. The best way to describe this frameless concept display from Sharp would be the rear view mirror in vehicles that have a built-in monitor, where engaging the reverse gear would let you see what the wide angle cameras on the bumper depict on the rear view mirror itself. That is more or less the same experience with these frameless concept displays from Sharp, and the would definitely work well in commercial situations. As for homes, well, those who value form and function might want to pick it up as their next “TV” device, assuming Sharp is actually going to turn this from concept into reality.

I do wonder how long will it be when that happens, and will the entry price be welcoming enough for the masses to part with their hard earned money?

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