ps4delay-lackofgamesWe are quite sure that folks would have noticed the price disparity between the Xbox One and the PS4 where their respective launch prices are concerned – after all, we are looking at a $100 price difference between the two. Just how did Sony make their bundle more affordable by $100? Well, that is because there was no inclusion of the Sony PlayStation 4 Eye, which happens to be a motion and voice-sensing peripheral which functions in pretty much the same way as Microsoft’s very own Kinect. We have word that Sony nearly threw in the PlayStation 4 Eye into its PS4 launch bundle later next month, but the suits over at Sony Computer Entertainment decided that the next generation console should not pass the $400 mark, in addition to not lose that much dough considering how the console is being sold at a loss at $400 a pop.

SCE president and group CEO, Andrew House, isn’t too bothered that the Eye has been excluded from the original PS4 launch bundle, although he did mention to Business Spectator, “the vast majority of the audience that we speak to tells us that their primary wish is for the full controller interface and there’s not necessarily a huge emphasis being placed on camera interaction.” Well, I guess that is another mystery solved for those who were wondering why wasn’t the Eye included in the first place.

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