ps4delay-lackofgamesSony has just announced that their upcoming next generation console, the Sony PS4, will arrive with a massive 300MB launch day patch. Hmmm, a patch that is released on the same day that the console itself rolls out to the masses? Not exactly the most auspicious of starts, don’t you think so? Well, what will this particular 1.5 patch bring with it? It is a pretty comprehensive list if you were to check it out, but here are some details that might just pique your interest.


You will be able to use Remote Play to play your PS4 games on your PlayStation Vita via Wi-Fi or through PS4 link. Apart from that, taking a page out of Dreamcast’s book, there is the second screen functionality that will make use of the PS4 Link or PlayStation App in order to transform your PS Vita, iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and tablets as a second screen for supported titles. Not only that, you can also stream gameplay via Ustream or Twitch, or choose to spectate using the PS4’s Live from PlayStation app.

Those are not an exhaustive list, but what’s important to take note is this – none of the PS4’s much vaunted features will work if you do not install the 1.50 patch, which pretty much makes it a compulsory installation for all new PS4 owners. Bummer! [Press Release]

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