ipad_miniWhen will Apple’s new iPad mini with Retina display see a release? Apple has slated the iPad Air for a release on the 1st of November but apart from a rough November timeframe, there is still no telling when the new iPad mini will be released. Pre-orders of the tablet are rumored for 1st of November and assuming that is true, when will the tablet see the light of day? Well according to a product listing of the tablet on Target’s website, it seems that they have listed the tablet for a release on the 21st of November. While a late November release might be bad news for would-be iPad mini customers, it does give Apple some time to push and generate more sales for the iPad Air.

However interestingly enough the 21st of November falls on a Thursday as opposed to Friday which is when Apple typically releases its products. Of course it is entirely possible that Target themselves are speculating the release date and given its general November release, they might be too far off their mark. Either way don’t get your hopes up just yet but hopefully come 1st of November when the iPad Air is released, we will know more about the iPad mini’s release as well, so check back with us then for the details.

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