tesla-model-s-sunsetHave you ever entertained the idea of owning an all electric vehicle? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out the Tesla Model S in the US, which is said to come with built-in connectivity to the AT&T network. How about that for being an advanced ride, huh? First revealed at the GigaOM Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco recently, the network that powers the connected features in the Tesla Model S happens to hail from AT&T.

In a nutshell, the AT&T connection is present in all Tesla models that will feature an infotainment screen, and according to the good people over at Forbes, it can be assumed that the future Model X too, will be able to communicate via AT&T’s network. Just like before, some of the functions in the car are able to be remotely accessed, with Tesla being able to track driver statistics as well as just where the car is, assuming your ride happens to get stolen. We do wonder how far will this partnership go in the long run, and what the mileage would be like. After all, there must be a very good reason why Tesla teamed up with AT&T instead of the other mobile carriers.

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