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Tesla Is Refuting Claims Of Their Cars Suddenly Accelerating Forwards
Recently there was a report, or rather, a petition in which it asked the NHTSA to investigate Tesla over multiple reports of cars suddenly accelerating forwards by themselves. If true, this would be incredibly alarming as it could lead to all manner of accidents, and in worst case scenarios, even death.

Tesla Cars Are Suddenly Accelerating For No Reason, Investigation Underway
Modern cars have definitely gotten a lot smarter compared to cars back in the day, where they are now equipped with computers and sensors that are supposed to make the driving experience better. However, sometimes the addition of technology can make things worse and more complicated.

Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able To Talk To People
The problem with electric cars is that their motors tend to run considerably quieter compared to regular car motors. This can create a problem for pedestrians who might not otherwise be able to hear an electric car driving up behind them, especially if they have a pair of headphones on. However, Tesla might have an answer to that problem.

Elon Musk Hints That Disney Plus Could Be Coming To Tesla Vehicles
Earlier this year, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had hinted that video streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube would soon be coming to Tesla vehicles. Given that you can already play games on Tesla’s infotainment system, we suppose it’s not a stretch to think that you would also be able to stream video as well.


Want To Make Your Tesla Faster? You Will Have To Pay $2,000 For That
Do you think your Tesla could be faster? If you do, you might be interested to learn that the company has announced a new software upgrade feature that will increase the speed of your Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range vehicle. This will be priced at $2,000 and is known as the Acceleration Boost program.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Be Added To Dubai’s Police Fleet
Tesla’s Cybertruck raised a few eyebrows when it was announced. It sports an odd shape and for some reason, Tesla decided to give it a reinforced body and windows as well. However, it seems that despite some of the questionable design choices, there are many who are on board with this, such as Dubai’s police force.

LEGO Trolls Tesla’s Cybertruck With Its Own Shatterproof ‘Truck’
Last week, Tesla took the wraps off the Cybertruck, it’s new electric vehicle that featured a reinforced body and supposedly shatterproof windows. Unfortunately, during the demonstration, its windows actually broke which was rather embarrassing for the company, but also slightly hilarious.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Goes Up Against Ford’s F-150 In A Tug-Of-War
When it comes to pickup trucks, it’s hard to beat Ford’s F-150 which is one of the best-selling vehicles in the US for the past few decades. However, Tesla decided to take Ford on at their own game by announcing the Cybertruck, a futuristic all-electric pickup truck. Only time will tell how well the Cybertruck will do, but in the meantime, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk decided to show off what […]

Tesla Has Already Received Over 140,000 Orders Of Its New Cybertruck
As some of you might have learnt over the weekend, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk took the wraps off a brand new electric vehicle that the company is working on, the Cybertruck. It garnered a lot of talk and a bit of controversy due to its design, which some are calling futuristic, while others are calling it weird.

Tesla Has New Solar Roofs That Will Be Easier To Install
One of the green initiatives we’ve seen from Tesla comes in the form of solar roofs. While solar panels installed on roofs aren’t exactly new, Tesla’s idea is to make the entire roof out of solar panels, which would boost the efficiency of it while helping to maintain the aesthetics of the home.

Tesla’s Latest Acquisition Hints At Plans To Make Their Own Batteries
Companies like Apple tend to be pretty self-sufficient where they try to make everything themselves. This makes a lot of sense because it means that they won’t have to rely on others, in the event that there is a dispute, and that they can also better control the quality of their components and also get it to do what they want it to do.

Custom Horns, Movement Sounds Will Be Coming Soon To Tesla Cars
Due to the fact that electric cars rely on an electric motor, it tends to be a lot more quiet compared to regulars. While it is good for noise pollution, it’s not necessarily the safest for pedestrians who might not notice that a car could be behind them or coming around the corner, which is why more carmakers are starting to introduce fake car engine sounds to help warn people […]

Tesla V10.0 Car Software Update Includes Major Changes For Entertainment & Convenience
Just like every smartphone user looks forward to a major software upgrade, Tesla owners wait for a software update for their cars. And, the wait is finally over.Tesla has announced the version 10.0 software release and it will be delivered via an over-the-air update.Unlike other updates, this is a pretty significant upgrade with new useful features added.Even though the full list of changes can be found in their official blog, […]

Tesla’s Dog Mode Helps Owner Dismiss Animal Cruelty Charge
We have been talking a lot about Tesla lately. Starting from Tesla Model S to set a new track record in California while involving the buzz about Tesla ‘Plaid’  Model S beating Porsche Taycan’s Nürburgring time.Now, a Tesla owner was dismissed from charges against Animal Cruelty just because of the ‘Dog Mode’ in his Model S.The “Dog Mode” is essentially a software feature which keeps the temperature in check for […]