Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser Sends Fanbase Into Frenzy

Tesla recently unveiled its Model Y crossover SUV and also teased another vehicle that many of its fans have long been waiting for. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla will build an all-electric pickup truck and he did share a teaser of it on Twitter. The teaser didn’t reveal much but it was enough to send the fanbase into a speculation frenzy.

Tesla Model Y Crossover Officially Announced

Tesla has been dabbling in quite a few different car models, but in case the Model 3 sedan wasn’t really your style, then you might be pleased to learn that Tesla has since taken the wraps off its latest car model: the Model Y. The Model Y is a crossover car and the company has been steadily teasing its unveiling for the past few years.

Tesla Owner Claims Unintended Acceleration Crashed His Vehicle

There have been a couple of cases involving Tesla vehicles alleging unintended acceleration and there’s another addition to the list, this time from China. A Model S owner crashed his vehicle into the river near a Supercharger station in China. The owner claims that the car had accelerated on its own and ended up in the river.

Tesla Decides To Keep Showrooms Open, Raises Prices By 3%

Merely a couple of weeks ago Tesla announced that it was making a significant change to the way it sells vehicles. The company was to shut down almost all of its stores and move sales online entirely. It was described as an effort to cut down costs as the company tries to make its electric cars cheaper. Tesla has changed its mind now, though.


Tesla’s Third-Generation Supercharger Enables 250kW Charging

At a customer event in California, Tesla has unveiled the third-generation Supercharger charging stations which will allow for significantly faster charging of its electric cars. The new “V3” Supercharger is fully capable of charging some Model 3 vehicles at 250kW. Tesla says that this will be enough to add 75 miles of range in just five minutes. The company says that it’s going to start putting up the third-generation Superchargers […]

Tesla To Unveil Model Y SUV On March 14th

Tesla fans have been waiting to see a new vehicle from the company and their wish will be granted in just under a couple of weeks. CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is going to show off its Model Y crossover SUV on March 14th. The vehicle will be unveiled at Tesla’s design studio in Los Angeles.

Tesla’s Promised $35,000 Model 3 Is Finally Here

Tesla fans have long been holding out hope for the promised $35,000 base variant of the Model 3 and the wait for them ends now. The company has reduced the price of its mass-market electric car to $35,000. It has made a significant change to the way it sells cars as well.

Elon Musk Expects A Cheaper Tesla In The Next Few Years

While we’re sure that there are probably a few out there who would be more than happy to adopt an electric car, the costs of such vehicles tends to be on the pricier side. Tesla’s cars are a perfect example, although the company has been trying to find ways of reducing the price through more affordable models like the $35,000 Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Was World’s Best Selling EV Last Year

The Model 3 is Tesla’s first mass-market electric car. While the promised $35,000 base model is still not here yet, that hasn’t prevented the company from selling thousands of vehicles. According to a new report, the Tesla Model 3 was actually the best selling electric vehicle in the world last year.

Internal Emails Hint Leasing Option For Tesla’s Model 3 Could Be Coming

Tesla makes some very impressive cars in terms of their design and also performance. Unfortunately that combination has resulted in cars that are a little out of the price range for more than a few, not to mention the fact that they are electric cars, it gives customers additional pause, especially when trying to decide if these cars might be worth investing in.

Tesla To Get All Self-Driving Car Features By End Of The Year

Tesla has avoided marketing its autopilot feature as a self-driving car feature, but it seems that could change in the near future. Speaking on a podcast with Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney of ARK Invest, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk mentioned that his company’s cars are expected to get all the self-driving features by the end of the year.

Tesla Introduces Dog And Sentry Modes For Its Cars

Imagine it’s super hot outside and you’ve left your dog in the car with the windows rolled up because you’ve left the air conditioning on. Passersby might worry about your pup’s welfare not knowing that the AC is on. So instead of having to risk a broken window, just enable the Dog mode if you own a Tesla. The company has rolled out two new modes today for its vehicles, […]

Tesla Unveils New iPhone Cases On Its New Amazon Storefront

Want to buy a Tesla but can’t afford one? We hear you, but not to worry because if you have anywhere between $35 to $45 to spend, you can actually get your hands on Tesla’s iPhone cases where the company has put them up for sale on their new Amazon storefront where they will be available in a couple of different styles.

Tesla Acquires Battery Tech Company Maxwell

Batteries are an integral part of Tesla’s business and the company is always looking to further improve in this regard. To that end, the company today confirmed its acquisition of battery technology company Maxwell. This San Diego-based company has been acquired by Tesla for $4.75 per share, valuing the deal at $218 million.