While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the virtual QWERTY keyboard on iOS devices, making mistakes while typing is inevitable. Accidently place your finger on an alphabet you don’t want to enter and the touchscreen registers it as a tap, which results in a typo. The App Store’s search engine used to be very specific, making a spelling mistake when searching for an app’s would result in that app not being displayed in the search results. TechCrunch claims to have learnt that Apple tweaked the search engine a few weeks ago and it now disregards misspelled queries.

This obviously results into better search results. Apparently the App Store search engine can now also show relevant results even if the user doesn’t know if the app’s name has a space in it or not. Searching for the QuizUp game with a space in between would previously have resulted in the app not being displayed, but search for Quiz Up now and the app does come up in results. Developers who make apps with titles that are lengthy or hard to spell might see increased downloads now that the search engine isn’t so specific about app titles. For users, it is now much more easier to search the App Store for apps that they’re not sure how to spell or if they make “fat finger” mistakes frequently.

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