We’ve all made excuses as to why we aren’t doing the things that we’re supposed to do. For example we claim we’re too tired/busy to go the gym when in reality we’re just too lazy, and one of the things we can do about that is by motivating ourselves to get off our chairs and actually set out to do what we said we would. If you’re the type that finds it hard to be self-motivated, perhaps the BetterMe app might be an app worth checking out. BetterMe is essentially a to-do app where instead of just setting the time of the task you’re supposed to accomplish, it relies on a GPS check-in system as well.

Basically users will have to enter the address of the place they’re supposed to be at, like the gym, and the app will then rely on your location to determine if you have arrived at the place at the scheduled time. Assuming you decided to play hokey, the app will know and will then publicly shame you on Facebook for not completing the task that you were supposed to do! There will also be goals which asks your friends to hold you accountable for, and there is also an alarm which when you press snooze, will publicly shame you as well! It’s a little harsh but for those who really need that extra push, perhaps this is an app worth checking out.

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