Fallout 4 Trademarked In Europe By Bethesda

fallout4-trademarkAs last week came to a close, we brought you word that Bethesda had already launched a teaser website, leading many to believe that Fallout 4 is imminent. The Fallout series had proven themselves to be extremely popular among gamers, leaving an open ended way for you to “build” your character in the way you like it, offering a way to complete the game in a myriad of ways. Well, we are more than pleased to bring you word that Bethesda had already trademarked Fallout 4 in Europe, although we are left scratching our heads as to why Bethesda had only decided to apply for this trademark recently, despite having the property under their care and guidance for years.

This particular trademark, having been made known so close after we were treated to the appearance of a teaser website, will most probably be connected to one another. This will most probably mean that Fallout 4 is indeed in the pipeline, and you can be more or less sure that the game will be a hit when it finally arrives. It would then be time to say hello to sleepless nights, and goodbye to your social life! What would you like to see introduced in Fallout 4 that you missed in its previous three iterations?

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