Google has just announced a bunch of new music features for Google Glass, where saying the words “Okay Glass, listen to…” would enable one to be able to access your tunes from Google Play Music directly. This would also include the entire library of songs that has been made available under All Access. Such a voice command will be made available to the masses in the weeks to come, and there will be moments where you will also say, “Okay Google, what song is this?” for the Sound Search feature to get to work as it analyzes a song playing within earshot, providing you with the name as well as artist alongside an image of the CD cover, if any.

Google will also be offering a set of stereo earbuds which is estimated to retail for approximately $85 thereabouts. To make it a whole lot more desirable, Google will also include five interchangeable color caps, allowing you to customize your earbuds depending on your mood. The whole idea of listening to your favorite tunes via Google Glass would mean that you no longer need to take a glance downwards at your smartphone while you enjoy your music, although it might take some getting used to seeing and hearing people talk to themselves, or so that is what it looks like with Google Glass. [Google Glass Page]

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