Google is taking a proactive approach to filtering out search results for the sexual abuse of underage children as they’ve announced they’re teaming up with Microsoft to completely rid its service from these kinds of search results. Eric Schmidt announced Google’s initiative to the British press earlier today as the company has hired a team of 200 Google employees to come up with a solution over the past three months, which resulted in a total of 100,000 potential queries from being removed.

Google is looking to rid child sex abuse search results globally from its service, although at this time, the company is making their improvements available to English-speaking countries only, which includes the U.S. and U.K. In total, Google hopes it’ll be able to roll out its tweaked search results globally over the next six months, which they plan will cover search results in over 158 languages.

Google previously would warn its users who were attempting to look up illegal material like websites that promote the sexual abuse of minors, which resulted in a 20 percent drop of its users attempting to find illegal content. This new initiative is a more proactive approach and one that will hopefully get illegal content such as the sexual abuse of minors off of the Internet once and for all.

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