itrainer-miniIf there is one particular mantra that we have all come to hear concerning the smartphone, it would be this, “There’s an app for that.” I suppose it rings true to a certain extent, and when it comes to the iTrainer Mini which had appeared on the FCC recently, that particular mindset is reinforced even further. The iTrainer Mini from Trainer Golf Limited happens to be a rather small device that is attached to your golf club, where it will “talk” to both iOS as well as Android-powered smartphones over a Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth connection would enable users to monitor their club head speed, swing tempo as well as swing path. When fed with such information, the iTrainer Mini will then be able to provide a prediction of the golf ball’s path, depicting an estimate of the distance along the way.

In the FCC filings, they do feature images of the iTrainer Mini in addition to a user manual which will showcase screenshots of the device’s iOS and Android interfaces as you can see above. For those who are interested in bringing their game of golf to a totally whole new level, you are welcome to do so for $250 a pop.

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