ms-patent-bezelCould the tablet and Ultrabook scene change in a few short years’ time? Perhaps, assuming this particular new patent that was filed by Microsoft becomes a standard issue feature in upcoming devices of the two niches mentioned earlier on. Apparently, this patent from Microsoft enables a device to be able to “understand” just which part on the bezel are your hands located, before it augments the display based on such information. For instance, in the image above, a tablet that sports skin sensors which have been integrated within the bezel itself, would be able to then “know” just where your hands happen to be, before the processor within gets to work to show off a touch based keyboard or other elements as and when necessary.

It is a no-brainer to figure out just how Microsoft might see the potential of such technology, especially with their existing range of Surface tablets. I guess this means using your mobile computing devices would be a more intuitive experience now, as the device itself can more or less figure out just where your hands are located before serving up the relevant user interface option at that point in time. Will it take too much battery life to make it worthwhile? Only time will tell, but it is an interesting idea still.

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