southwest_airlinesRecently we heard how aviation regulatory bodies, such as the FAA and EASA started to allow passengers to use their personal electronic devices (PED) from gate to gate, meaning that you wouldn’t have to turn off your MP3 player, tablet, smartphone, etc., during the takeoff and landing phases of the flight like you normally would. Of course this would also require airline companies to hop on board with the new rules as well, and the good news for those who fly Southwest Airlines is that they have decided to allow gate to gate use of PEDs as well.

This makes them the seventh airline carrier in the US to hop on board the program, with companies such as Delta, JetBlue, American, United, Alaska, and US Airways accepting the new change in regulations before them. This also means that Frontier Airlines and Virgin America are all that is left. However if there’s one thing Southwest Airlines is offering that other carriers aren’t, is that they are offering gate to gate WiFi access as well. Of course this means that you would need to subscribe to the carrier’s WiFi service, but for those who need to stay connected throughout the flight, you will be able to do so before you board, while on the plane, and after you land as well.

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