The next time you take a flight, you’ll be able to keep some of your electronics devices on during takeoff and landing as the FAA has announced they are officially lifting restrictions if previously had in place that would limit the use of such devices.

The FAA released a statement today saying they plan on providing guidance to airlines immediately that would allow them to develop policies, which could possibly vary depending on the airline company. Airlines would need to submit plans to manage the electronics of passengers as well as outline new training for flight attendants. Once the FAA approves of these plans, passengers will be able to play all of the Angry Birds that they want without being asked to turn off their personal devices.

If you recall, a 28-member advisory panel would recommend the FAA to relax restrictions it had for personal electronic devices to be used during taxiing, takeoff and landing. A few months later, the FAA advisory panel approved the use of personal electronics on planes. Today’s news is one of the last few steps the FAA needs to do before we can all live a carefree life of enjoying our personal electronics throughout an entire flight.

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