PlayStation 4 owners can use the Playroom feature on their new consoles to broadcast a live stream to game streaming service Twitch. Playroom basically uses the PlayStation Camera to film the user, and it is up to the user if he or she wants to broadcast that content to the world through Twitch. The feature was supposed to be solely used for broadcasts related to gaming, but quite a lot people have been using it for non-gaming and even lewd live streams. Twitch support has reiterated through a series of tweets that its moderators are keeping an eye on the streams and those who don’t adhere to the ToS are at risk of having their accounts suspended.

Twitch’s terms of service clearly lay down the law, is PS4 Playroom feature is being used, the content must be about games and that it shouldn’t be inappropriate or lewd. An obvious violation of the ToS is likely to land the user into trouble, the streaming service would simply just suspend the account. While Twitch works tirelessly so that live streams generated from PS4 fall within its terms of service, Xbox One users wait to get the ability to broadcast live streams from their consoles as well. It was confirmed prior to the Xbox One’s launch that the feature for Microsoft’s latest console will not be available at launch.

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