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Twitch Lowers Subscription Prices In Most Countries
One of the ways Twitch streamers can make money is through subscriptions, where people can subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee. Twitch then takes a cut and the rest goes to the streamer. For the most part, the cost of these subscriptions aren’t prohibitively expensive, but due to things like inflation, it can feel a bit expensive for some.

Twitch Introduces Threaded Replies To Chat
If you’ve ever seen a popular Twitch streamer’s stream, then you  might see how crazy the chat can get. This is because users are essentially talking with the steamer and each other in real-time, so messages fly by really quickly. This means that if your questions and replies could get lost if you aren’t fast enough.

Twitch Could Soon Assign Streamers A Score When It Comes To Ad Sales
If you’re an advertiser looking to advertise a product through a social media influencer, you’re probably interested in metrics like what are the average views the person gets per post, what are the engagement rates like, and so on. Of course, different advertisers might use different measurements, but Twitch seems to be thinking of standardizing it.

Woman Earns $3,000 In Donations While Streaming Herself Sleeping
Twitch is a popular platform where people can live stream themselves doing all kinds of things (within ToS, of course). Usually we associate Twitch with gaming, but there are other categories as well. More recently though, a streamer called Wang Yiming from Taiwan has made waves when her stream of her sleeping managed to net her $3,000 in donations.


YouTube Is Testing Its Answer To Twitch Clips
When it comes to livestreaming, Twitch has become more or less the default platform of choice for many, not just gamers. We know that YouTube is trying to compete with the platform and has since announced a new feature that will be their answer to Twitch Clips.

Twitch Will Now Let Streamers ‘Buy’ Affiliate Statuses
On Twitch, you have all kinds of streamers. Some of whom just stream for fun, and then there are also those who stream for a living, or at least attempt to supplement their income from money they earn through Twitch. The entry-level tier is the Affiliate status that streamers would have to earn.

Twitch Suspends DragonForce Guitarist’s Channel For Playing His Own Music
Given the sheer number of videos that are uploaded and streamed, it would not be realistic to expect that platforms like Twitch or YouTube have human moderators to moderate every single one. This usually means that these platforms need to rely on automated systems to look out for content that might violate their terms of service.

Teen Spends $20,000 Donating To Twitch Streamers, But Parents Managed To Get It Back
One of the ways Twitch streamers make their money is through donations by their viewers, where it’s up to viewers to choose how much they want to donate to their favorite streamer. One teen, however, somehow managed to access his mom’s savings account where he then proceeded to donate $20,000 to his favorite streamers.

Amazon Launches Livestreaming Platform For Businesses
Twitch is mostly known for being a livestreaming platform aimed at gamers, although in recent years it has expanded to cover non-gaming activities. Now it looks like Amazon wants to expand Twitch’s streaming technology to cover not just gaming, but also businesses as well in the form of a new platform called Amazon Interactive Video Service.

Twitch Wants To Create Games That Streamers And Viewers Can Play Together
Amazon’s Twitch platform has been a largely one-sided affair. This means that streamers stream their games and its viewers watch, where leaving comments and messages is pretty much the only interaction that streamers and viewers get to have with each other, but that is expected to change soon.

Amazon Could Be Looking To Expand Twitch To Businesses
When it comes to watching live streams of people playing games, Twitch is more or less the default platform that many turn to. Over the years, Twitch has since expanded beyond gaming to other kinds of interests, but now according to a new report, it seems that Amazon wants to bring Twitch to businesses as well.

Twitch Streamer Lets Viewers ‘Electrocute’ Him For Donations
We’re sure that many of you have come across this particular carnival game where a person sits on a chair positioned above a tank of water, and the other person tosses balls at a target and if the target  is hit, the person on the chain gets dunked in the water. It is good and harmless fun in exchange for money.

Twitch Studio Will Make It Easier For First-Time Streamers To Get Started
Back in the day, we were told that playing video games would “rot our brains” and was basically not good for us. However, these days, playing video games has proven to be a rather lucrative thing to do, and people are actually paying money and watching other people play games on platforms like Twitch.

Twitch’s Streaming App Is Now Available On Apple TV
If you’re a streamer or if you enjoy watching people stream games, you’ll be pleased to learn that Twitch’s availability just got a bit wider because following the announcement last month, it looks like Twitch’s app is now available for download for Apple TV users, where they’ll be able to enjoy Twitch’s streams on a larger screen in their living room.

Twitch Streamer Smashes Keyboard Against His Face, Gets Banned Indefinitely
We all get frustrated when we play games, where sometimes things just don’t work out the way we intend. Frustration can manifest in many forms, with some people choosing to swear, some people choosing to “rage quit”, while others might choose more destructive forms of venting their frustrations, like in the case of Twitch streamer Dellor.

Twitch’s App Will Be Coming To The Apple TV
If watching live video game streams is your kind of thing, then you might be interested to learn that Twitch is currently testing out its app for the Apple TV. What this means is that in the future, you’ll be able to stream Twitch videos on your Apple TV if you prefer watching it on a TV with a larger screen instead of your monitor.

You Can Watch Team USA’s Basketball Games on Twitch
Do you enjoy watching basketball? Sure, the games themselves might be pretty exciting, but sometimes a little of the behind-the-scenes can add a whole lot of context to the game and can also increase your viewing experience. If you are in agreement, then you might want to keep an eye on Twitch.

Duolingo And Twitch Team Up To Let Streamers Teach Viewers A New Language
Twitch is primarily viewed as a streaming platform where people can livestream their gaming sessions. However, we have seen how it can also be used for other things that are not necessarily gaming related. If you are interested in learning a new language, then perhaps Twitch could be a new place to check out.

This Kid Streams Fortnite 10 Hours A Day To Pay His Dad’s Medical Bills
Going to the hospital for treatment can be an expensive process, especially if it is for a serious illness such as cancer. Insurance can only cover so much, which is why a young boy who goes by the Twitch handle zylTV has decided to take up a career in video game streaming in hopes that he can raise enough money to help pay for his dad’s medical bills.

Twitch Launches A New Subscriber-Only Streaming Feature
Just like YouTube, one of the features of Twitch is that it allows for users to subscribe to a streamer’s channel. This helps the streamer build up an audience base who can then be notified whenever that streamer has gone live. However, non-subscribers can also watch streams of that streamer, at least until now.